LindungiHutan Project

LindungiHutan is a crowd planting organisation whose mission is to empower farmers and save Indonesia from the crisis of biosphere damage and deforestation. LindungiHutan has been founded since 2017, and as of 2023 over 650,000 trees have been planted and reached 30% to increase local farmers and communities welfare. You can find a lot more information on their website at  

How is KLAYD partnering with Lindungi Hutan?

For every Klayd item purchased, one tree will be planted. Every tree is recorded and monitored on a continued basis, and we’ll keep this page updated on their progress.

Why did we choose Lindungi Hutan?

  1. Our goal is to build a global community with a strong sense of environmental awareness.
  2. We want to reduce poverty in rural areas by creating new jobs.
  3. We strive to raise the standard of living in our founders’ home country and contribute to positive development of the local Indonesian welfare.
  4. We understand the importance of reforestation in reducing the impact of climate change, flooding and erosion that causes natural disasters, deteriorating water cycles and air pollution that disrupt the local environment.

The Lindungi Hutan project is just one of the many social and community projects that Klayd will be a part of. This is our commitment and we own our responsibility to build a better world. 

How does Lindung Hutan help local Indonesian communities?

  1. Lindungi Hutan is a crowd planting organisation with innovative technology, and they have had a significant increase on local farmers welfare reach of up to 30%. 
  2. Lindungi Hutan has empowered 40 groups of local farmers, and created job opportunities for local farmers and communities. 
  3. Local and surrounding environments will have greater forest cover, which reduces erosion, contributes to biodiversity conservation, and increases the function of terrestrial ecosystems.

KLAYD has also supported Trees4Trees in planting 1,000 trees in 2022.